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South Main Chiropractic: Your Solution to Back Pain in Lexington, NC

Understanding Back Pain: A Signal to Pay Attention

Back pain is more than just discomfort; it’s your body’s way of signaling that something is wrong. Ignoring this pain with temporary solutions like pain relievers is akin to silencing a smoke detector while leaving the fire unattended. It’s crucial to address the root cause of back pain for long-term relief and health.

Two Common Culprits Behind Back Pain

Facet Joints: These nerve-rich joints at the back of each spinal bone can be a primary source of back pain. Misalignment or improper movement of these joints can lead to discomfort.

Spinal Discs: Trauma or strain can cause the discs between spinal bones to bulge, pressing against nerves and causing pain.

Your Choices for Back Pain Relief

  • Ignore: This may lead to worsening spinal problems.
  • Bed Rest: This may prolong the issue.
  • Therapy/Exercise: Might stress already malfunctioning joints.
  • Medicine: This may offer temporary numbness but doesn’t always solve the underlying issue.
  • Surgery: A last resort that may be irreversible.

The Chiropractic Approach: A Natural Path to Healing

Chiropractic care at South Main Chiropractic focuses on precise adjustments to improve spinal function. This approach may promote healing of discs and soft tissues, reduce nerve involvement, ease pain, and restore stability. We believe chiropractic care is the optimal solution for back pain.

Is Back Pain Normal?

No. Pain at any age indicates that something is off. While pain might temporarily subside, unresolved underlying issues can escalate, becoming more challenging and costly to address later.

Chiropractic vs Muscle Relaxers

We focus on natural healing methods. For instance, correctly applied ice can reduce pain effectively, without the side effects associated with some medications.

How Chiropractic Works

Chiropractic is effective because it leverages your body’s innate healing and regulatory capabilities, governed by your nervous system. Removing interference allows your body to function at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dr. Mahan

How soon can improvement be expected?

Typically, 1-3 treatments, depending on overall health and healing capacity.

Common causes of back pain observed?

Lifting/overreaching injuries, auto accidents, sports activities, and weightlifting/CrossFit.

What additional treatments complement chiropractic care?

Laser therapy, dry needling, acupuncture for energy balance, muscle work, and stretching.

Role of Acupuncture in Back Pain Relief?

It helps balance the body’s energy system, contributing to overall wellness.
At South Main Chiropractic in Lexington, NC, we’re committed to guiding you toward a pain-free, healthier life through natural and effective chiropractic care. Contact us today to start your journey to relief from back pain.



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