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Reviews for South Main Chiropractic

{PRACTICE NAME} ReviewsJust as we are passionate about helping our patients, they are passionate about sharing their stories.

We welcome your feedback as well. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to download and complete our Client Experience Questionnaire.

Dr. Philip Mahan, D.C.,C.C.E.P.
Your Lexington Chiropractor

  • I really enjoy going to my appointments because the doctor and staff are great. I am really getting the help that I need from this office.

    -Karen S.
  • As a new patient, to be seen and treated same day was very impressive service. Not to mention a great adjustment that fixed me right up.

    -Mark G.
  • In the past I was skeptical of chiropractors, thinking they were ambulance chasers. Dr. Mahan has already changed my perception of them. He and his staff are very knowledgeable and welcoming. I highly recommend them.

    -Julie A.
  • I loved looking at x-rays and explanation.

    -Teesha B.
  • Great doctor, office staff and very knowledgeable!

    -Melissa O.
  • I finally have hope I may get help for issues I have had for years. I have felt some relief even after my second visit. The staff was very helpful and friendly and helpful.

    -Amanda B.
  • Absolutely love the staff and Dr. Mahan is phenomenal!!

    -Dondre G.
  • I was pleased with my whole visit . Thank you! :)

    -Tracey L.
  • I would recommend this place to anyone having back problems.

    -Edwin C.
  • Very friendly staff and very helpful and respectful. They did a great job.

    -Kristy B.
  • Wonderful staff and professional service. I enjoy each visit.

    -Steven P.
  • Thankful for the relief of pain. Great staff.

    -Vicky C.
  • Dr. Mahan is very knowledgeable and skilled. He is very personable and makes the visit enjoyable.

    -David B.

It was a joy from start to finish. The staff was friendly from the moment I stepped in. Everything was explained and all my concerns were listened to and ways to help explained very well. I am excited to start feeling better.
Kira B.

The staff was so friendly and helpful. I feel confident that I will get the help I need to take care of what my issue is. Dr. Mahan listened to what I explained and was very informative of what the next step will be.

-Anisa S.

I felt better as soon as I received my adjustment and am very hopeful that you will be able to help me a great deal; so glad I found you; convenient very little waiting and all that you would want in a chiropractor.
Deborah M.

Very pleased! I feel like I am finally a step in the right direction. The injuries and pain I’ve experienced have taken over a year of my life. After seeking help from another chiropractor I felt hopeless because I wasn’t seeing improvement in my most painful area. Dr. Mahan was nice and kind. Quick to assess my problem and quick to begin making adjustments more than I have received elsewhere. I feel like I will quickly gain my life back and this I jury will become a thing of my past with the care I received so far!

-Brittany M.

The staff at South Main is excellent. I felt like they both valued my time and me as a person. They were kind, efficient, and listened well. When I walked in, I felt discouraged, but after Dr. Mahan so clearly explained what was happening and what we could do about it, I left feeling much lighter and very thankful to have walked through their doors. Thank you!
Stephanie C.

My son started going to the chiropractor for constant ear infections months ago. The chiropractic care received has changed my child. He is no longer in pain and no longer needing surgery. I am beyond thankful that we found South Main Chiropractic. I am now going for my own treatments and the staff are all kind and very knowledgeable.

-Keirsten N.

Pinpoint accuracy for my issue and wonderful team. I wish I had started treatment MUCH sooner. Issues started years ago and I just shrugged it off until my pain reached a point where it was interfering with my training and my yoga practice. I have 100% confidence in this treatment plan and will make this a part of my health and wellness ritual! Needless to say I’ll be referring my family to you guys!!
Stephanie M.

A recent car accident prompted me to visit Dr. Mahan’s office. The ladies up front were extremely friendly and helpful. Dr.Mahan was very patient, thorough and concerned enough to examine me and get x-rays to plan a course of treatment before just assuming he knew everything that is going on and jumping right in. Very refreshing and reassuring!!! Highly recommend!

-Cheryl B.

The treatment that I am receiving is similar to the PT treatments. I will need a preventive maintenance plan to keep motor skills in motion as I am aging, for I have always been very active through the years. It’s a plus that you are convenient to my place of work. The staff is pleasant. Thank you!
Tracy M.

I was very nervous to trust a chiropractor after trying many other options for low back/hip pain such as medications and physical therapy. I spent much less money and achieved 10x more pain relief from one visit with Dr. Mahan than any other treatment I have tried before. The staff here is amazing and kind. I hate going to the “doctor” but I LOVE this place and the staff. You feel welcome and they actually listen to you so they can determine the best treatment plan based on your needs. My family keeps remarking on how I am no longer standing crooked and how much taller I look after just 3 adjustments. I am so thankful for the friends that referred me here! Look no further for a chiropractor, you found the best right here!

-Jessica M.

You all are so very nice and made me feel at ease and welcomed. I also love the fact that Terry Temple called on a Sunday and got a call back that same day for an appointment next day. And…the Dr gave me his cellphone number. It’s worth the drive from Winston!
Jane K.

Everyone there was super nice and helped to explain everything to me in detail and made sure I understood everything they were going to do to help me. The ENTIRE staff was awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

-Kevin G.

I think the office staff and Dr. Mahan are absolutely amazing-everyone is friendly, very well versed in the knowledge of chiropractic care, and always ready to accommodate patient needs! Here you are treated like you are actually a person, not just another number. I would not want to and I do not plan on going anywhere else!
Briana G.

Everyone has been so friendly & helpful. Very impressed weth Dr. Mahan’s medical knowledge and skills. He is very careful to make sure you are comfortable with him touching you before he begins his manipulations. If a new physical problem occurs he works on that also. He works on healing the whole person, not just the back or the knee.

-Kathy L.

I started going to Dr Mahan the middle of September with back pain which I believed was due to my gall bladder surgery. I have been suffering with this pain since 2015 after the doctors telling me there was nothing they could do it was probably nerve damage due to my surgery and they suggested physical therapy or a chiropractor well I choose a chiropractor and I have not regretted it. Dr. Mahan is very knowledgeable and explained what was going on and answered any questions I had and as of today I have hardly any back pain my back has not felt this good in a long time.Read more

Not to forgot the staff that works with him they are very nice and make you feel welcome. I have a few more visits to go and I am really considering keeping up my visits to at least once a month. I am truly pleased with the results I have had and would suggest that anyone having back issues to give him a try I don’t think you would be sorry. Thank you Dr. Mahan and his staff.

Kathy B.

Yes, if I have to pick a chiropractor I definitely pick Dr. Mahan and his staff–the ladies were so sweet, friendly and attentive. Overall, I’m walking straight and I’m able to be with my family more and enjoy my special time without a wheelchair. Thank you!

-Albina P.

Dr Phil is very involved in every aspect of healing and health. I’m so impressed in my first week, I look forward to visit again next week. I walk out the door every time with more knowledge about my own health than I can learn reading on the web.
Karen S.

Finding a new chiropractor after I moved to this area was no small task. First and most important I needed to find a practioner who would take the time to listen as well as explain things to me. Someone who looks at the big picture holistically. A friendly staff that make you feel welcome and relaxed. I have found all this and more at South Main Chiropractic!

-Kandice H.

I appreciate Dr. Mahan’s care and concern in helping to restore my health. This is my first experience with chiropractic care and I have been very impressed by the care I have received. Thank you, Dr. Mahan and staff.
Sheila K.

I loved Dr. Mahan’s personality that he ads to his practice. He is caring, a good listener, personable, and so funny! He took the time with me that I needed to know and understand about my situation. The front desk staff was nice and helpful. Leslie was so compassionate about me being in pain and she kept assuring me that they will take good care of me. That put me at great ease knowing how much she and the staff cared about my condition. I am SO GRATEFUL that my cousin referred me. I know I am in GREAT hands!

-Sharon C.

Dr. Mahan and his staff were very professional and awesome! They all treated me with dignity and respect and made me feel as if I mattered and that they truly cared about my health and wellness. I would highly recommend “Anyone” to this practice!
Chad H.

Low Back Pain Resolved with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care helped Neck Pain, Low Back Pain & TMJ

I would recommend Dr. Mahan and his staff to every one of my friends and family. I have never been to a chiropractic office before. I am particular about having anything done to my spine. I was put at ease immediately. They listened to me, and what I had to say. Explanations were given before any procedures were performed. I will certainly continue my care with this practice.

-Kathie S.


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