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Rehabilitative Exercises in Lexington

person during physical therapyNo matter what your age or condition, we’re able to recommend customized rehabilitative exercises. Taught to you in our office, Dr. Mahan will make sure you’re comfortable performing your exercises in the office and on your own at home.

Helping Your Own Healing

Dr. Mahan will guide you to start and be sure you’re comfortable with your exercises and able to perform them correctly on your own. Then, we’ll build up from there based on your individual progression.

We’ll continually evaluate you to increase or decrease the frequency or type of exercises you need. Your exercises could be as simple as shoulder shrugs or sitting on a pillow to strengthen your core. They’re designed to help you be proactive about your health and have you speed up your own healing process.

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Your customized exercises will put control in your own hands to help your healing process. Contact us today for an appointment!



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