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Better Living Through Chemistry?

Who is the best Chemist in the World?

   There are three types of stress: physical, emotional and chemical.

   The “chemical” stress on your body can be tremendous on a daily basis.

   Think about this. You probably have a favorite laundry detergent, right?

   If they supplied a list of ingredients to you, it would require a chemical engineering degree to decipher them, and you wouldn’t take the time to make it, reproduce it, etc.

It gets worse.

After your “whites are whiter than white” many people, for one reason or another, add MORE chemicals to their clothing by using a fabric softener. All these “chemicals” attach themselves to your favorite shirt and lucky socks.

 Better living through chemistry? You shouldn’t be convinced. If you want the best for your family’s health and well being, you have to think about living better with less chemistry.

Give some thought to the “potential” carcinogens, allergens and chemical stress in your life. See what you can do to reduce them—improving your health in the process and get adjusted to help reduce the stress is part of that important process.

All 3 types of stress work together and against each other.

For example:  You eat a healthy meal, it gives you chemical energy (positive chemical stress) this allows you to to exercise (positive physical stress) and then you feel better.  End result is you feel emotionally better.  The opposite is true.  You eat junk food (negative chemical stress)  you feel lethargic so you don’t exercise and sit on the couch to watch TV (negative physical stress)  and then you feel guilty (negative emotional stress).

 Also the reverse is true.  Your boss or spouse stresses you out (negative emotional stress) then you you go and drink 10 beers to deal with the stress (negative chemical stress)  then you can’t exercise (negative physical stress).

All stress is not bad.  It is the positive combining of different stresses that makes us stronger and healthier.  Just like the old adage if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger.  That is correct to a degree.  There is no safe amount of cyanide to take and it will kill you!  And too much water can be bad for you by flushing out minerals.

Just try you best in all 3 aspects of chemical (food, drink, Rx and environment), physical (exercise) and emotions (stress, love and relationships) and enjoy a healthier life!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Philip A. Mahan, D.C.


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