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Summertime is NO Fun with Mosquitos!

Summertime calls most of us to spend time outdoors. But, bugs can be a real buzz-kill at best for you picnic or pool party they can be carriers of disease at worst.  Most things available out in the market are not healthy for you, your guest or even pets!

Fortunately, there are plenty of tricks to keeping biting bugs at bay, and they don’t involve applying toxic chemicals to your skin. There are also many natural remedies that can help take the sting out of your bites, should preventive methods fail.

Don’t let mosquitoes have free reign on breeding in your yard.  The best way to stop them is to limit their numbers by removing all sources of water around your house or treat it with something to prevent them from laying eggs in it.  I use small Chlorine tabs in any standing water to make it like a mini pool.  All the rain we have had it is nearly impossible to dry out before the next rains come so this has worked pretty well.

Preventive measures to avoid getting bit by insects such as mosquitoes include: avoiding the outdoors at dawn and dusk—especially when sweaty, planting marigolds around your yard, installing bat boxes. The following can be used to repel bugs: Vick’s Vapo-rub; cinnamon leaf oil; clear liquid vanilla extract mixed with olive oil rubbed on the skin; citronella soap and 100% pure citronella essential oil; catnip oil.  Research also suggests that regularly consuming raw garlic or garlic capsules may help protect against both mosquito and tick bites.

CAUTION!  Most commercial insect repellants contain a chemical known as DEET, which should be used with caution, if at all. Many studies have found DEET to have harmful effects. Herbs and other natural agents can help soothe itchy bites, such as: aloe vera, calendula, cinnamon, chamomile, lavender, oil, tea tree oil, basil, peppermint, lemon and lime, and baking soda mixed with witch hazel

Just remember the 3 D’s:

  • Drain—Mosquitoes require water in which to breed, so drain any and all sources of standing water around your house and yard, including pet bowls, gutters, garbage and recycling bins, spare tires, and bird baths.  (If you enjoy your bird bath just fill it in the morning and empty at night)
  • Dress—Light colored, loose fitting clothing offer the greatest protection
  • Defend—Try some of the natural alternatives suggested above to make natural repellent and stay away from cancer causing DEET.

Yours in health,

Dr. Philip A. Mahan, D.C., C.C.E.P.

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