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The Newest Research in Chiropractic Care

Some new research has recently emerged giving more foundation to the case study great results we see as Chiropractors day in and out in our daily practices.  Here are some important points from some research studies performed with our Medical brothers in the fight for health:

Paper 1)  This comes from JMPT (Journal for Manual and Physical Therapeutics) a study on Manipulation versus Micro-discectomy in patient with low back pain and Sciatica.

The study showed 60% of those who failed with traditional Medical treatment (pain meds, anti-inflammatory and muscle -relaxers) did very well with chiropractic care.

The 40% that did not respond well went on to have surgery and had an excellent surgical outcome.  This is a higher percentage result other than medical treatment then surgery.

The important to take away from this is that those who go through Chiropractic care and are unsuccessful, are well screened for surgery to have the best outcome possible.  That is something every patient and Doctor/surgeon wants.  Before you go all the way in Chiropractic can help or make sure you are ready for surgery.

Paper 2)  This research comes out of Spine journal in December 2012 out of Washington State.  It researched the rates of Spinal surgery with low back pain depending on what type of Doctor you see first.

When you see an Orthopedic Surgeon first, 42.7 % will end up with surgery.

When you see a Chiropractor as your first Physician, odds of surgery are 1.5 %.

That is a 2800% increase in incidence of surgery!

So big picture is if you are having acute or chronic back pain or Sciatica, please call a Chiropractor first and if it does not work for you after a reasonable trial of care, then  you will be pre-screened for surgery and will most likely have the best outcome possible.

Yours in health,

Dr. Philip A. Mahan, D.C., C.C.E.P.

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